In memoriam of Gord Downie

The Tragically Hip - Long Time Running documentary 2017

This is a tribute to Gord Downie from the Tragically Hip. © 2017 Rob Bennett

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The Oohz from Worcester, UK makes 'Psycho Pop Rock' in multiple song styles from punk to ska, rock to alternative rolls. music influences include XTC, Roxy Music, Nick Cave, B-52's, Captain Beefheart. New indie song!

The Oohz - Bernadette's Take Away



Nikolitsa and the Comrades is fronted by Nikolitsa Boutieros from New York. The sound is raw and dark grunge/punk and rock & roll influenced bands you hear like Nirvana, Nick, Cave Patti Smith and Soundgarden.

Nikolitsa and the Comrades - In My Head


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Little Party!
Hello everyone, today, April 12 consists the radio for exactly one year! We grow great by terms of listeners and hope to continue in the coming years, thanks to you, of course, many thanks!
Miércoles, 12 Abril 2017
The two winners of the T-shirt action are: Fiona Kortekaas from Holland and Ryan Cagle from the USA. They both get their chosen T-shirt sent home! Thank you all for supporting our (your) radio station and enjoy listening!
Martes, 13 Diciembre 2016
Promote your Band!
Hello, we have put the option to promote your band more in the foreground. If your band play the kind of music that meets the currents that are listed on the site, we'll post a short message to be read worldwide. We also post a Twitter and Facebook message! Look under "new band ..." in the menu for more info. Henk
Miércoles, 12 Octubre 2016