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This site allows you as an artist or band to promote your own music. Also, promoting a new song is possible. All this provided the music you make suits in what we stream on our radio station. (This text is unfortunately only in English).

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17. 06. 06

Banfile from France released their new EP "Something Better". Contains 5 great indie songs, listen and watch the title track right here! You can download the EP on Bandcamp.

Banfile - Something Better


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17. 06. 06

Scandinavian musician, Aleksi Susi released a new EP “That Ship is Still Waiting". Consists of 3 fresh electronic indie songs and was recently released through "SECRET ENTERTAINMENT".

Aleksi Susi - That Ship is Still Waiting EP


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17. 05. 20

Machines Dream and PGR(Progressive Gears Records) are delighted to announce that the third album - Black Science - is now ready to pre-order. Two offerings are available at and are limited to May15th - June 12th.

Machine Dream - Airfield on Sunwick (For Wojtek)

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