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  1. James Wyatt Crosby, formerly of Toronto-based dream-pop act Garbagio, just released his solo debut album Twins on September 15th. Album highlight “Lightning” is an instantly accessible, infectiously gliding track that showcases the various stylistic facets of Crosby’s sound. Crosby describes it best in his own words, the track being “a smooth soft-rock number, features glockenspiel, […]

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  2. Last Summer's Day by Garbanotas Bosistas Lithuanian psych-rock quartet Garbanotas Bosistas exude a gorgeous sound on their track “Last Summer’s Day”, a ballad for its aforementioned season, “about the peaks of mountains and the peaks of days, about friends and fields, about truths and tresses.” Off the band’s forthcoming second album, “Last Summer’s Day” rides […]

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  3. “Kill My Love” is the hook-y new single from Swedish act Rain on Monday, comprised of Raimond Nurmilampi. The track was recorded by German producer Thomas Harsem, who weaves a power-pop acoustical pull with ’80s-friendly synth-pop flourishes, which accompany the sincere, emotional vocal tone of Nurmilampi with precision. “Can you kill my love if I […]

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  4. With a suave sprinkling of jangly guitars and brass spurts, “White Van” is a gripping new track from Chicago-based Dogs At Large, who merge elements of yacht rock, vintage pop, and “all the great Chicago garage and psych bands that blow our minds on a regular basis” for a memorable sound. “White Van” touts a […]

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  5. Based out of Sacramento, California, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter/producer Zac Bauman successfully hones in on the baroque pop genre, with a bedroom recording allure. His new album, Bell Jar, released on September 17th and includes the highlight “(Nothing) Like A Rolling Stone”. Beginning with a sparse folk progression, Bauman’s vocals emerge around the 30-second mark with […]

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