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  1. Following the stunning track “Hide“, REIGHNBEAU –  the Albuquerque-based visual and sound artist Bryce Hample – provides another peek at his forthcoming Hide EP with the gorgeous “I Want Love”. The track is comprised heavily of longtime collaborator Madeline Johnston’s vocal samples,  continuing the texture-heavy evolution of previous efforts though with extra-impressive vocal layering. Johnston’s vocals serve as a […]

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  2. Midnight Garden has impressed previously with “Down” and “Something Blue“, both fine tracks with a synth-tinged grasp of folk and classic-rock. Their recent offering, as they work on the follow-up to last year’s Ruined, is a cover of Psychic TV’s “White Nights”. “We’ve always been fans of Psychic TV and Throbbing Gristle so we thought it’d […]

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  3. Australian synth-pop act Once Around Saturn reminds fondly of ’80s synth-pop, with a fondness for spacey, sharp melodies fondly reminiscent of a female-fronted Yellow Magic Orchestra. The moniker for Sydney-based synth pop solo artist Dan Kelso, Once Around Saturn has been active since 2014, his most recent release being the EP These Promises. “Fortress of […]

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  4. Colorful Radiation by Sluka We first touched on prolific artist Christopher Sluka last year with his album Introversions, his sound rooted in darkly atmospheric yet hook-y ’80s rock/pop elegance, with a Bowie-like vocal quiver on tracks like “Higher”. The San Diego-based Sluka’s newest album, released on June 1st, is called Colorful Radiation. “Number One” is […]

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  5. Singer/songwriter Talon Majors fronts the project Velvet Winter, releasing her first single “Crystal Heart” in March 2017 to solid acclaim. Her newest release, “Diamond Daydreams”, is a passionate piano-tinged pop effort with a spacey synth touch, serving as “an anthem for anyone who’s had to fight their way to their life goals.” “The song is […]

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