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  1. This week we announced our new print issue, which features Grizzly Bear on the cover, so how could we not name them Song of the Week? But they legitimately deserve the honor, as each of the four singles from their forthcoming new album, Painted Ruins, have been stellar and "Neighbors" is no exception. 
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  3. Run the Jewels (the duo of Killer Mike and El-P) released their third album, the appropriately titled RTJ3 (aka Run the Jewels 3), earlier this year. Last night they stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to perform two songs from it: "Panther Like a Panther" (which featured Trina) and "Down" (which featured Joi). 
  4. Barbet Schroeder’s nearly six-decade-long career touches on so many fascinating eras of cinematic history. 
  5. It's the half-year Trump anniversary so we're leading with that this week. Mix in a little summary of his various misdeeds, and a collection of protest tracks the man has inspired and we've got ourselves a column.