Tarzan Grip

16. 11. 27

We (TARZAN GRIP) are a 3 piece alt/rock band based in Berlin (GER) and have our new E.P out!. Our debut, self-produced release, entitled “Members of the Bored”.

The Tarzan Grip sound is ostensibly a bastard love/hate child as the consequence of a nefarious orgy between the likes of Husker Du, The Stooges, Clutch, Danko Jones, Pixies, Swervedriver, The Hives, Radio Birdman and Neko Case.

And with all that now comes the birth of our debut, self-produced release, entitled “Members of the Bored”. An E.P. with its main thematic collection of songs being a commentary on the trials and tribulations of the mundanity of everyday, corporate and consumerist self-importance.

Enjoy :).

Tarzan Grip - Money $hot

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