Laszlo Taxi

17. 01. 26

Progressive Rock formation Laszlo Taxi from Wroclaw city Poland released their Debut EP at 7th of December 2016. 

Tracks form our EP was selected from more than one hour length concert set. Each of them has its own character and tells different story. Which provides quite good approximation of our music differentiation. In this moment only instrumental compositions was selected, but upcoming LP will also have few compositions with vocal.

Progressive punk-art formation from Wroclaw city in Poland. Highly individual compositions, pampering and polished for years to create specific tastes of sound.

What we're presenting here is living part of our band organism. We license it without any special conditions for all interested people around the planet earth. Want to take a ride? You're welcome!

Open Your mind and fasten Your seatbelts! Let's get started ;)

Laszlo Taxi01kl

Laszlo Taxi - Laszlo Taxi EP