Lord Alba

17. 01. 29

Post-Punk Rock Band from Portland (OR) USA debut EP "They Call Me" will be released on January 31, 2017. 

Lord Alba’s "They Call Me" employs overdriven snarls of bass and stark mechanical beats to power a post-punk storytelling machine. My bandmate Action Lord creates a minimalist musical template that allows his jabbing, dancing guitar work to entangle and punctuate my baritone talk-sing.

With equal parts humor and menace, I describe an artist cut into bits as he walks down the street (“Just Like a Guillotine”); a gender-crossing cabaret singer (“I’m Your Woman”); a dream of communist-era architecture (“Soviet Pink”); a series of absurdist accusations (“They Call Me”); a canoe-smitten voyageur (“Me and My Canoe”); and a strung-out traveler obsessed with an international correspondent (“Christiane Amanpour”).

Band history: after helping found Portland garage-rock outfit The Ex-Girlfriends Club (2008-2015), Action Lord and I formed the Lord Alba duo. In 2017, Lord Alba will begin playing shows as a four-piece.


Lord Alba - I'm Your Woman

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