Dot Dash

17. 07. 19

Indie Rock/Post Punk Band Dot Dash from Washington D.C. wants to introduce their new single 'Summer Light',from their last album: "Searchlights". On the live front, Dot Dash has played among with The B-52s, Ash, The Psychedelic Furs, The Chameleons, Hugh Cornwell, and much more all bands we stream on our radio.

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- from Washington D.C., Dot Dash is Terry (guitar/vocals), Steve (guitar), Hunter (bass), and Danny (drums.)

- Some of their “ex-bands” include Julie Ocean, Minor Threat (Dischord label), Government Issue, The Saturday People (Slumberland), glo-worm (K), Tree Fort Angst (Bus Stop), St. Christopher (Sarah), and Swervedriver (Creation), among others.

- Over the last 5 years, Dot Dash has had 5 albums released, all by Canadian indie label The Beautiful Music.

- Album released as Digipak CD and digital download.  label info:

Dot Dash - Summer Light