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17. 07. 22

The Oohz from Worcester, UK makes 'Psycho Pop Rock' in multiple song styles from punk to ska, rock to alternative rolls. music influences include XTC, Roxy Music, Nick Cave, B-52's, Captain Beefheart. New indie song!

The Oohz - Bernadette's Take Away


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17. 07. 22

Nikolitsa and the Comrades is fronted by Nikolitsa Boutieros from New York. The sound is raw and dark grunge/punk and rock & roll influenced bands you hear like Nirvana, Nick, Cave Patti Smith and Soundgarden.

Nikolitsa and the Comrades - In My Head


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17. 07. 19

Sabrina Fallah, solo rock singer, songwriter and guitarist from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. released their new EP: "Kiss Is a Killer". Some of her music influences include Green Day, Bon Jovi and Billy Idol.

Sabrina Fallah - Kiss Is a Killer


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