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This site allows you as an artist or band to promote your own music. Also, promoting a new song is possible. All this provided the music you make suits in what we stream on our radio station. (This text is unfortunately only in English).

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17. 08. 29

Cawama is a Surf/Punk Garage Rock revivalist band formed in Vancouver BC combining influences of 80's and early 90's Garage Rock with a twist of 60's and 70's Rock & Roll Surf and Old School Punk to create a fresh new groove. The last CD "Sea Sick" includes 10 tracks and is available on Bandcamp!

Cawama - Perfectomundo


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17. 08. 29

Bad Reed is an Alternative Indie Rock band from Paris Brantford, Ontario Canada. They just released their six-track album 'Sweet Little Bitter'July 7th, 2017. The sound is likened to Jack White and Heart meets and Led Zeppelin. Powerful, feminine vocals with catchy, rock-infused melodies enforcing her every lyric.

Bad Reed - Stained Glass


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17. 08. 23

Zero UK is an Indie Rock band from London and has just released their new single! They have an album coming out in about a month and plan to tour the UK in the Autum. And hopefully followed by a tour outside the UK!

Zero UK - Things You Love


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