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This site allows you as an artist or band to promote your own music. Also, promoting a new song is possible. All this provided the music you make suits in what we stream on our radio station. (This text is unfortunately only in English).

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16. 11. 18

Jim Galloway is a Canadian recording artist who is no stranger to the center stage. Born in Saskatchewan, Jim’s striking passion and talent for singing, song writing, and guitar has caught the attention and hearts of many people across Canada and beyond

Jim Galloway - Every Time I Think Of You 

Website: Reverbnation Jim Galloway

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16. 10. 30

Kiana Boe Jumper is a folk rock music project. The band was formed in 2016 by russian musician, model and actress Aleksa Selivanova. Style of this project is a deft mix of folk rock, soul, indie rock, country and pop music.

Kiana Boe Jumper - White Horse 

Facebook: Kiana Boe Jumper

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16. 10. 28
Brazilian Band Balba is glad to inform you that they have just released their second album called "I am the party". It has been aired on FM radios worldwide.  Listen free and be sure that you wont regret! Just relax and see what autenticity means.... It´s about time to rock!

Balba - A Heart to Unfold


Website: Balba

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