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This site allows you as an artist or band to promote your own music. Also, promoting a new song is possible. All this provided the music you make suits in what we stream on our radio station. (This text is unfortunately only in English).

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16. 05. 23

The Brookes are a four piece post punk / alternative rock band bringing you the best british music hailing from Grimsby in the UK

The Brookes - Time Traveler's Wife

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16. 05. 22

Indie-Rock band from Hull, UK. Formed in 2013. Signed to SoundiHub Records.

The Supersonic Jets - Undercover Streets

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16. 05. 20
Roadside are a five piece band from Plymouth in Devon, dedicated to writing, recording and performing gigs for their own unmistakeable brand of Indie music.

Roadside - Here I am (unplugged)

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