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  1. Words: Sam Geary

    Out on October 27, guitarist with Sydney artist Kilter (Ned East), Timi Temple - real name Tim Lockwood - releases his own hazy, 60s-inspired psych jam, 'Sands Of Time'.

    Following his summer single 'What Are We Waiting For', 'Sands Of Time' draws on influences from Tame Impala, Jimi Hendrix and MGMT; kicking off in a big sonic style followed by a swathe of melodic guitars and washed-out synths, together with Lockwood’s flowing vocals,

    The song was inspired by an event in Lockwood's childhood, as he explains:

    “When I was a kid we had a fishtank in the house, behind the dining table, on a glass shelf. Underneath the tank was a heater, now, I don’t know whose bright idea it was to put the heater under the tank, but one cold night I thought I’d do the right thing by turning on the heater. A child’s first attempt at taking initiative. Unfortunately, no one from my family realised I had done this, so I was put to bed and the rest of my family retired for the night without turning off the heater.

    "I woke up to my family arguing about who left the heater on – the fish were pretty much boiled and floating across the top – and when I was asked, I feigned ignorance. It ate at me for a while, the guilt not washing off my consciousness. But soon it was ‘lost in the sands of time’ and forgotten. It hit me like a freight train when, at 15, I decided to buy my own ‘first pet’ and picked up a fish tank. I put my thoughts down on paper and I guess the song is my confession.”

  2. From their 'A Hundred Summer Days' EP, LA-trio The Rebel Light share the trippy, psychedelic visuals of track 'Where Did All The Love Go' - complete with creative use of the lyrics - influenced by the Sixties California pop sound.

    Watch and listen above.

  3. Words: Sam Geary

    After last month announcing they were to disband after 15 years, bowing out with a farewell EP, 'Punk Drunk And Trembling'.

    The EP is out now via Domino, with a limited 10″ vinyl version released on November 17. The record features three songs from the sessions for their 2016 'Boy King' album sessions - and you can stream now below.

  4. Words: Alison Mack

    As far as weeks go, this one has been a pretty dismal one for band splits.

    After Wild Beasts started the ball rolling last month, announcing their breakup after 15 years, it seems to have spurred others on.

    First of all, after six years and a raft of sonic tunes to their credit - including the new 'Drowning' and 'Until The Dawn' - Manchester's Embers announced the end of the road on Monday (October 16), posting this message to their social media:


    Dead Pretties

    Now today, we end the week with the news Dead Pretties have splitu - before many have even had a chance to get to grips with them.

    “It makes us very sad to announce that Dead Pretties is no more,” they stated on Facebook earlier this afternoon.

    It's been rather a short journey for the raucous London Pretties, only releasing their debut single, 'Social Experiment' this past February, followed by the more recent 'Confidence'.

    Will we make it through to the end of 2017 without more parting of band ways? Watch this space.

  5. Words: Sam Geary

    Leeds post-punk five-piece FEHM have unveiled the second track from their upcoming double A-side single, 'Human Age' (w/'Last Breath').

    The broodingly intense follow-up to their debut ‘Circadian Life’ EP (and preceding next year's debut album), was produced by Matt Peel at Nave Studios, and combines striking synths with a sharp-edged propulsive vocal.

    ‘Human Age' / 'Last Breath’ is released through FEHM’s own imprint ‘Everything Has Meaning’ on October 28.


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