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  1. Words: Sam Geary

    "I keep little pictures of you in my wallet / I don't sleep with lights on any more unless you want it"

    Cambridgeshire/Hertfordshire-based duo Ostler have just unveiled their follow-up second single to their June debut 'Lioness'.

    ’Suitcase’, produced once again by Max Hopwood (Bad Breeding, Waste), is the duo's - Jared Checketts (vocals, guitar) and Luke Jones (drums)  - melodic and lovelorn second public track, blending elements of pop-rock with a grunge-inflection.

    Speaking on the track the band said: “‘Suitcase' outlines the remnants of emotional and physical entities that are left behind after a relationship comes to an end, and the vast difference in exactly how long these items stick around.”

    Watch out for their debut EP set for release later this year. Keep Ostler "high up in your speed dial".


    16 Sandon Sandon Fields Festival, w/ Demob Happy

    09 St Albans, The Horn

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  2. Words: Ellie Ward

    Her debut album 'Reservoir', which is released this week (August 25 via Jagjaguwar), has been a while coming, but finally Australian songstress Sophie Payten, aka Gordi - who Little Indie first featured here back in 2014, is finally getting the universal attention her artistry deserves.

    Check out the Michael Beets-directed video above for one of the record's tracks, 'Bitter End'.

  3. Featured on Little Indie's Roundtable in July, Melbourne garage-rock duo Sophisticated Dingo's now share the video to the single, 'Head Talk'.

    Directed by Harry Anderson, the clip features the 'couple of soft dingers', wearing dingo-masks and all, as they try to win the hearts of two beautiful cats (ladies wearing some amazing kitten masks). Between cuts to the pair smashing through the song in a living room, the various attempts to impress their feline crushes culminates in a euphoric, VB-fuelled house gig.

    Watch above.

  4. Little Indie casts its ears and eyes over more of the latest sounds to emerge recently from Down Under.


    Taken from the debut full-length 'a/s/l?' (released August 11), try this s oft, lazily psych-textured indie taster by Hamish Rahn (Methyl Ethyl) and James Ireland's (Pond) side project.


    Following breakout singles, 'Soldiers' and 'Lungs', this is the new track from the Melbourne quintet. Lush arrangements helmed by James Seymour's wistfully evocative vocals.


    The Perth-based quartet precede upcoming debut album, 'Dumb Days' - out September 15 via Dew Process/Island Records UK - with this infectiously vibrant cut that sees vocalist/ guitarist Sophie Hopes steadily lead up the vibes, from melancholic to gritty rawness, accompanied by scorching guitars.


    The Brisbane noise-punks share this sub-four minute early cut of sonic sharpness from their third album ‘The Barn’, released September 29 via Holy Roar Records (UK).


    The New South Wales-based artist blends elements of indie, folk and pop, and this latest single showcases his way not just with words and a melodic tune, but the way he wraps it all up so perfectly with his strong vocal delivery.


    This new self-produced single from the Melbourne duo, Mohini Hillyer and Maia Connolly, follows last year's debut EP 'Ugly Cry', utilising industrial-dance, silky vocals and DIY club techno to mesmerizing effect.

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  5. Live

    Dead! + others

    Sticky Mike's Frog Bar, Brighton

    August 18 2017

    Words/Pictures: Steve Willcox

    A windy night in Brighton brings a large gig at Sticky Mike's, just off the seafront, with four supports and the main headliner, Dead!  The venue is pretty empty, bar a few fans of the first act Heavy Sugar. A recently launched four-piece local outfit, they are a mix of ex-members of Bad For Lazarus and members of Hanz Rollo and Dirty White Fever. Their sound is reminiscent of Bad Seeds, coupled with the stage antics of Fuck Art Let's Dance. The songs are fierce, yet affecting with ‘Haggletooth’ being a standout.

    Pussyliquor - also from Brighton - whose name may have conjured up a number of connotations amongst some, are a strong feminist glam-punk band, who look the part but are also a fun band that you can rock out to. They provide plenty of great tunes, thrashing guitars and Ari Black a force at the vocal front. It seems word is on the street for these girls. 'Get Out', 'Heard', 'Hate You (Wanna Castrate You)' were my favourites of the set, and not just mine it seemed, as they draw both a baying crowd and an encore.

    Little Indie first introduced Londoners SAP two years ago, and they should by rights be a lot better known. They look the part of an indie rock band in the form of The Libertines and The Blinders, a three-piece with an enigmatic frontman in Angus McGuinness, who turns up on stage in the brightest red coat this side of the county. They soon got going and bashed out songs like 'Sucker' and 'Paint It Red All Over' which are worth hunting out online for a listen.

    The fourth act were not in keeping with this large gig but were equally amazing. Hot Dreamsfrom Twickenham introduced themselves last year with the twanging guitar sound of 'Plungepool'. The cool, effective voice of Kai Fennell is the kind you can easily melt into. There are touches of Eliza and the Bear and Yes We Are Mystic here. 'Grow’, and ‘Wall' - the latter jointly sung with drummer Cam Fyall - were highlights of thr set. A tight band and one I will be looking look out for in the future.

    Finally up were the night's main draw, Dead! Bringing in a swarm of fans that packed the venue, their pop-punk-grunge-laced sound has seen them whip up a storm around the country on this current tour, and the punks-with-attitude soon get down to business with high energy spirits; Alex Mountford lashing out lyrics at a frenetic pace, like Connar ‘FREAK' Ridd on speed. It's not long before front row moshing fans have demolished the poorly constructed metal barriers like a flimsy toy frame. 'Jessica', 'You're So Cheap', 'Enough', the longest version of Blur's 20-year-old 'Song 2' I've ever heard, and 'Up For Ran$om' - their latest balls-in-yer-face single which sums up the explosive raw force they have built their name on - all come out, full on, in a set that never lets up. Mountford at one points tells the sweaty crowd that over tye course of their three-week tour, Brighton has been "the mental-ist!" And that it certainly was.

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