Aleksi Susi

17. 06. 06

Scandinavian musician, Aleksi Susi released a new EP “That Ship is Still Waiting". Consists of 3 fresh electronic indie songs and was recently released through "SECRET ENTERTAINMENT"

A BIT ABOUT THE MUSIC: My lyrical theme mostly revolve around the life of 33 years old bachelor. Me. Like a soundtrack to my life and the things around it. I did not choose that theme because I’m living a life of a superstar (which I’m not) but  because it is honest and the easiest one for me at this moment. I simply feel the most comfortable writing my songs that way.

Musically speaking I try to keep my music as simple as possible. Very often I’ve noticed that less is more.

A BIT ABOUT ME: I’ve been interested in electronic music and inspired by it simultaneously with heavier music since my youth. I started my musical life as a child by taking piano classes. Partly forced by mother, for which I’ve been very grateful to her afterwards. Later as a teenager I started to play guitar and took music more seriously. Rapidly I became interested in many other musical things too, especially in programming/orchestration and various singing. Little by little, over the years, my life begun to revolve around those things more and more. And the result is that I'm concentrating on electronic music more than ever in my life now.

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Aleksi Susi - That Ship is Still Waiting EP