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  1. The fantastically chilled-out underwater love song “Waterbaby” is a collaboration between Toronto-based producer Yaehsun (Jason Haberman) and lyricist/vocalist José Contreras. The track successfully touts an aquatic mode of production, with fizzing and tranquil rhythms complementing a melodic flow that equates to gently caressing water bubbles. Yaehsun aptly describes the effort as “an underwater love song […]

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  2. Meshing emotive strings with perkier indie-pop vocal sentiments, “Sun” is a pleasantly consuming track from Laughed the Body, the Toronto-based project led by Chris and Sean Panacci. The string additions remind fondly of The Clientele’s work. The twangy guitar accompaniment at 01:38 adds enjoyable depth to the track’s hazy yet melodic sound, followed up by […]

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  3. Montreal act May Have impress with a suavely melodic sound on “Summer,” the project’s first release since their 2018 self-titled debut album. One of six songs that will comprise May Have’s forthcoming EP, “Summer” effectively captures the butterflies and swooning feelings that high humidity can encourage. The relaxed synth wavering and underlying arpeggios do well […]

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  4. Thraz is the project of Icelandic musician Þráinn Guðbjörnsson, producing a sound on new track “Love Is an Island” that recalls the moody captivation of early Morrissey material. The track, which released last week, consumes in the first minute. Powerful vocals complement an initially understated guitar line, quickly expanding upon added distortion past the 30-second […]

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  5. Pale Moon recently released the music video for their swooning rocker “Exile,” off the previously featured Dust of Days EP. It’s a video full of vibrant colors and cheery vibes, a nice accompaniment to the Icelandic duo’s freeing rock sound here. The project elaborates further on the video, below: The video is a one shot […]

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