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  1. Blending modern R&B with modern psych-leaning pop and rock sentiments, “Evergreen” is a consuming new track from F.N.. A backing organ complements twangy guitars to start, with the guitar soon fading in favor of smooth-flowing vocals and a slight organ backing. The “because you’re all I see,” chorus brings back the delectable guitar tones from […]

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  2. “Don’t Believe Me” is a melodically melancholic success from Kid Nash, the project’s second single. Characterized as “a song of lament,” “Don’t Believe Me” sports glistening keys and hints of woodwinds in its atmospheric verses. The “I swear to god we’re enemies,” vocal hook signals the additional emergence of a reflective vocal presence, adding an […]

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  3. Nobody by Somniac “Nobody” is a new track from Somniac, a project based out of Olympia, Washington. Described as “a song about loneliness in moving to the PNW,” “Nobody” showcases the project’s lo-fi bedroom rock sound. The track’s constants are a reverberating acoustical backbone and straight-cutting percussion. A playful vocal lead emerges alongside catchy keys, […]

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  4. “Did I Mention” is a spacey, effervescent new track from Reine, a British-French artist currently residing in Montreal. This dreamy pop success is the first single from the artist’s debut public release Eden, an EP of five songs releasing on 12/6. “Did I Mention” sparkles with backing keys and lush vocals, with twangy guitars and […]

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  5. Releasing today, “I Don’t Mind” is a meditative folk-pop gem from Common Jack. Pursuing the theme of “letting go of living your life for external validation,” the track is immediately engaging. Ethereal vocals aptly complement an autumnal acoustical pull and slight percussive shuffles. Some additional textural complements emerge around 01:25, with added guitar strings and […]

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