tunein radio 100Because of a dispute over royalties between Sony and Radionomy, TuneIn has decided to provisionally add new radios to their Radio directory.

Would you still listen our radio via TuneIn despite all other possibilities than you can also add them manually to the app. 

On a Android device:

  1. Open the TuneIn Radio app on your device and go to the favorites/following button.
  2. Go to "Custom URL" and add the following "new Custom URL" to: http://listen.radionomy.com/indieimaginationradio and save it!
  3. Done.

On a iPad (iPhone):

  1. Open the TuneIn Radio app on your device, go to "Profile" scroll down, you will see the button "add new Custom URL"
  2. Add URL: http://listen.radionomy.com/indieimaginationradio and agree.
  3. Now the music starts playing and you see "Custom stream" on the control panel at the bottom left.
  4. Push now on the "little heart", to store the Radio under "following" (favorites).
  5. Now you can change the name to "Indie Imagination Radio".
  6. Done.

Now you can easily listen to our radio via TuneIn.

Lots of fun!