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  1. Fondly reminiscent of Kate Bush, “Dimension” is a hauntingly atmospheric track from the duo Zebrah. Dreamy, hypnotic guitar twangs complement the emotive vocal presence, with nice layered expansion approaching the two-minute mark, where gorgeous strings follow. This is a very moving, memorable success from the duo, comprised of Pauline and Kevin, who have been making […]

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  2. Spacey and melodic, “Le Thème de Mcbaise” is an engrossing track from French illustrator and musician mcbaise, currently based in London. “Le Thème de Mcbaise” starts with lush, nocturnal synths. Smooth guitar licks converge alongside the subdued vocals, fading as a spacey burst of synths arrive. The track’s structure — an alternation between this spacier […]

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  3. “Mixee” is a lushly consuming track from Biiko and ttypes, two artists from Grand Rapids, MI. Sporting a nocturnal feel with crawling bass and sparse keys over lush keys, “Mixee” grows into haunting beauty past the one-minute mark, when a synth arp and backing vocals converge. “Mixee” is another stellar collaboration from Biiko and ttypes. The […]

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  4. Following up last year’s excellent tracks “Waterbaby” and “La De Ba,” Yaehsun’s “Show Me How to Love” is another success. The project of Toronto-based Jason Haberman, Yaehsun excels here with a mellow, hypnotic glow. The track expands gently on lush vocals and grooving guitars, with acoustical and key backings past the one-minute mark exuding a […]

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  5. Jonny Pickett is based in Southern California, though has lived across the world — in Ireland, Spain, and China. Geographical and cultural experiences contributes to his sound, apparent on new track “Soong Mei-ling.” The track refers to the former First Lady of the Republic of China, who witnessed the country’s change from dynasty to republic […]

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