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  1. Credit: Wrapped In Plastic Photography

    Words: Sam Geary

    'The Dark' is the new single from Belfast's Beauty Sleep, and it errs more towards the group's name - beautiful and dreamy - than its title, that's for sure.

    With their debut album 'Be Kind' due to arrive on May 17 via Quiet Arch Records, 'The Dark' is a good foretaste of the trio's - Cheylene, Ryan and Aimee - dreamy, enigmatic pop quality which flows with entrancing vocal harmonies, shimmering synths and soft bass lines.

    Enter 'The Dark' below.

    Live dates

    15 The Waiting Rooms, London
    25 The MAC, Belfast
    06 Whelan’s, Dublin

  2. Credit: Luke Barnes


    Hippo Campus

    O2 Ritz, Manchester

    February 14 2019

    Words: Jack McKinnell

    It has been six months since Hippo Campus were in the UK, and they didn’t fail to light up the crowd that packed out the 02 Ritz on Valentine’s Day. And there was no mistaking the love you could feel in the air, and despite the Ritz being able to hold 1,500 people, there was definitely a closeness between the band and the crowd. For an indie band, starting your European tour, there is only once place you would want to start. Manchester: the home of indie rock. Hippo Campus did just that with their Bambi tour.

    The Minnesotans opened with their title track 'Bambi' and as soon as that electric beat hit, the crowd started jumping. The meaning behind the song had no effect on the crowd, or band for that matter, with both dancing around to the looped synthesiser and couldn’t be controlled. There is something so satisfying about a frontman who can reach a high note whilst playing the guitar, and Jake Luppen can achieve just that.

    Credit: Vicky Sludge

    Despite the crowd, who was mainly made up of a teenage audience, loving the quartet as a five-piece with the inclusion of DeCarlo Jackson - for whom there was a massive reception - playing variety of instruments from the trumpet to bass. However, every time Jackson strutted to the front of the stage or held a note on his trumpet, a roar of cheers and applause came from the crowd.

    The band played mainly from their newest album 'Bambi', but didn't fail to include fan favourites like 'Suicide Saturday' and 'Baseball' which really got the crowd going, so much so mosh pits starting forming in every corner of the room. Fans were also treated to some sneak peaks of unreleased songs 'Chapstick' and 'No Pomegranates'. These fresh numbers change up the conventional Hippo Campus 'style’, with Luppen taking a secondary role. On 'Chapstick', for example, drummer Whilster Allen takes on lead vocals, whilst 'Pomegrantes' sees guitarist Nathan Stocker take the limelight.

    Credit: Vicky Sludge

    With it being Valentine’s Day, Hippo Campus did a cover of Rex Orange County’s ‘Loving is Easy’ for their penultimate number, which naturally went down a storm. A classic indie love song, performed by an up and coming indie band. Of course, there was only one way to bring the set to a close, rocking out to perhaps their best known song, 'Buttercup’. With Luppen’s intricate opening picking, followed by a vast amount of riffs, it was the only song to play out the bouncing crowd on a February night that was definitely heart-shaped.

  3. We last heard from Car Seat Headrest last year when they put out the re-recorded and re-released 2011 album 'Twin Fantasy'.

    Currently on the Twin Fantasy tour, whilst playing MASS MoCA in North Adams, Massachusettss last Friday (February 15), they opened with a new new song, 'Can’t Cool Me Down', which was caught on film, above.

    The eight-minute song had been debuted in Boston the previous night - although from a comment on the video, it seems it may well have had an earlier outing, before Christmas in Seattle, where the poster relates that fans were asked not to record and release it.

  4. Live

    Queen Zee

    The Hope & Ruin, Brighton

    February 15 2019

    Words/Pictures: Steve Willcox

    Queen Zee make their return to Brighton after their outlandish performance at The Great Escape last year ensured they were a band to keep sight of. Now with their self titled album just released and winning plaudits all round such as from the likes of Huw Stephens and Iggy Pop, these “strange weird and crazy” guys have come to the right place to spin that mayhem.

    With a near sold out show on their hands it looks promising that tonight is going to more than live up to this Merseyside glam punk outfit's exciting live reputation, especially with what seems like a whole coach party down from Liverpool to the coastal resort, bringing enough Scousers (family) to ensure the room is jumpin'.

    As soon as sass queen vocalist Zee mounts the stage you get instantly drawn into the fray, who encourages the crowd in closer as they launch into ‘Victim Age’. Sharp lyrics with a riotous noize behind it and with a shout out chorus “welcome to ur victim age” screamed out by bassist Frankie Wortho sets the scene for the night and allows the troupe to drop scorn on political and establishment fraudsters, where everyone’s the ‘good’ guy, playing the poor 'ol me card.

    New single 'Loner' is super charged live with Smash Molly (Ash Summers) on keys and shared vocals bringing a no fucks given attitude with enough 80s references to get my deely boppers out the closet.

    With a menacing “Brighton r u ready to rumble?” Zee creates a space on the dancefloor to grab a guy to twirl him around like a ballerina whilst the opening bars of ‘Anxiety’ play and soon the crowd starts getting down and dirty to the filthy guitar riffs of Jason Taylor Brown. As the end fades, the vocals “You fuck like a porno movie, you bump & grind you slip & slide it’s truly, a let down” fills the venue with its risqué provocativeness, while ‘Porno’ gets the beat flowing from drummer (Furious) Dave Bloom. This is the kind of subject matter that Queen Zee feels at home with, singing about some home truths on the seedier side of life.

    2017’s debut ‘Sissy Fists’ works up the fans with its deep pumping basslines and haunting guitars and then rapidly spat-out anarchic vocal utterances. Ending the show with ‘I Hate Your New Boyfriend‘ shows Queen Zee at the front of this queer punk movement; clever political/LGBTQIA influenced lyrics and releasing so much energy into a show, you can’t help yourself but dance with pure abandonment. Magical sexy unicorns sums this show up perfectly .

  5. Words: Ellie Ward

    New Brighton kids on the melancholic pop block, The Wild State, offer something of a richly veined gem in their sumptuous new single 'Air Runs Out', released on February 1.

    Singer and lyricist Josh Difford nails both components in a three and a half minute sojourn of looped guitars and compelling vocals that is hard to have end. The song, written about the break down of a suffocating relationship ("The ground we share is breaking / And the air we breathe is poison"), is taken from the trio's debut LP ‘Light Along The Waves’ produced by Peter Katis (The National, Interpol, Kurt Vile).

    "It's the horrible process of love turning stale and about why we sometimes tolerate it for routine and security," says Difford of 'Air Runs Out', which is unlikely to become similarly stale.

    Listen now.