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  1. Niki Moss’ “Soylent Green” remains one of my favorite tracks this year — absurdly catchy in its entirety, from the smooth guitar-led verses to the synth-stomping hook. Naturally, I’m very excited for the release of “There Must Be Something in the Water”, the latest track release from Niki Moss (the project of Miguel Vilhena, also […]

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  2. “Set In Stone” impresses on several fronts — perhaps most notably in the striking, soaring vocals of Floriane Hu. The track is thoroughly gripping with its songwriting and atmosphere, the combination of Hu’s emotive vocals and the stirring guitar work resulting in something very memorable, reminding me aesthetically of Camera Obscura. Hu, working under the […]

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  3. Inspired by the Netflix series Stranger Things, “Waiting” is a new track from Icelandic/Dutch act FOSS. Touting a very nocturnal feel, dreamy guitars and serene vocals lead the way. A bass-led segment around 02:20 mixes it up a bit, as the vocals ascend in intensity, as the vocals admit, “I hope you don’t go / […]

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  4. “Timeless” is a consuming track from Hanford Flyover, a British-American trio based in the English Midlands. Formed in 2017, the act is influenced by names like Pink Floyd, The Doors, and King Crimson. They also appreciate Nick Drake, Portishead, and other surveyors of atmosphere. The result is a captivating sound with hypnotic appeal. “Timeless” is […]

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  5. Nic Pool is an artist from Tucson, Arizona, whose new track “Rockets” captivates in its development from spacious murkiness to gliding guitars and rhythmic perkiness. The soaring vocals are a continuous element throughout, with the track hitting its stride just after the one-minute mark, when the fluid guitar work coincides with vocal escalation. An impressive […]

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