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  1. “Daydreaming Pilot” is another success from Alex Siegel, who has impressed with tracks like “Headspin” (one of this year’s best) and “Easy” in the past year. The California-based singer/songwriter continues expert utilization of his lush, endearing vocal presence and knack for melodically captivating songwriting. “Daydreaming Pilot” reminds me specifically of Jens Lekman’s heart-tugging work, especially with […]

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  2. Bearing a strong likeness to the charismatic synth-pop of Little Dragon, Druma’s new track “Mirror Monologue” is a captivating showing. Trish’s suave vocals work with moody precision, as an assortment of synths and samples showcase a sound bursting with a mysterious allure, complements of producers Indra and Mok. A minimalist synth solo around 01:33 marks […]

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  3. Van Common is the project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sebastiaan van Ravenhors, who follows up last year’s single “The Afternoon” with the serene jangle-pop of “Moonlight Blue”, released on June 8th. Ravenhorst wrote the track one night from a beach house, where he retreated to gather his thoughts and gain inspiration from the feeling of […]

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  4. Danish duo Hellas craft an intriguing, magical-like soundscape on new single “Dances”, showing a new side of the band — one moving away from an acoustic sound and into a mold that embraces the possibilities of the studio. They describe the track as like “a kaleidoscopic universe, where ferocity and tranquility coexist.” Hellas, the instrumental […]

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  5. There was a time not too long ago when bingo was stereotypically reserved for older women and any music to do with the game was probably more like a nursery rhyme than an actual hit. We’re thinking that even “B-I-N-G-O” wouldn’t get people hyped back in those days, never mind now.  More recently, ideas surrounding bingo, and […]

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