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  1. Gorgeously awash in guitar-based textures amidst hypnotic rhythms and serene vocals, “Sorry, Darling” is a stunning track from Great Wave, a band from Scranton, PA. The “don’t be sorry,” hook features gorgeous, yearning vocal tones with an ominous, descending tonal shift toward its bookend. In the final minute, clamoring percussion — reminiscent of Radiohead’s material […]

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  2. Originally from Rochester, New York, Maybird craft a gripping sound steeped in both psych-rock and more traditional, rootsy sectors. Such is evident on the excellent track “In Technicolor (For The First Time),” released today. Fuzzy guitars, a galloping bass, and lush synths comprise a very psych-forward arsenal. A soaring, twangy voice is accompanied by reflectively […]

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  3. “Strength to Let You Go” is a consuming piece of songwriting from Richard Jones, an unsigned Welsh singer/songwriter based in Bordeaux, France. Jones’ vocal tone, at its dramatic peaks, resembles Thom Yorke’s haunting quiver. He combines this striking vocal tone with a knack for engrossing, developing melodies. Acoustic guitars emerge at precisely enjoyable moments following […]

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  4. “Make It Up” represents the second collaboration from producer NTHNL and vocalist Caroline Kuhn. NTHNL, the project of Brooklyn-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Jake Rudin, infuses a bossa nova feel amidst twinkling synths and vibrant vocals. Lyrically, the track is “about overcoming social anxiety to dance with a crush at the function.” The track’s production is […]

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  5. “Unselected” is another impressive track from UK act New Wolves, following September’s “Same Two Songs.” Murky rhythms and spacey synth tones exude an industrial electro-pop vibe to start. The chorus at 01:07 is emotively gripping, adding a cathedral-like tone to the mix alongside a more dramatic vocal tone. The contrast between the murkier verses and […]

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