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  1. “Silent Type” is the lead single from Brighton-based act Soft Sports’ debut EP Elephant. A galloping bass line and suave vocals are nicely accompanied by vibrant guitar lines in the first minute, the vocals and guitar work reminiscent of Television / Tom Verlaine. “I belong to no one, and no one belongs to me,” the […]

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  2. NYC artist Anam Cara released the track “Woman (Red Velvet Devil)” this week, displaying an entrancing sound. Leading the charge: gripping vocals and a timeless rock arsenal, touting psychedelic and surf guitar tones in addition to tinges of bouncy keys. Added guitar glistening in the very melodic bridge, hitting at around the 50-second mark, is […]

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  3. “Old Time Movies” is an impressive and lush piece of melodic pop songwriting from Sceenic. The track initially rides on a straightforward, acoustic singer/songwriter flair — tonally reminiscent of John Mayer. By the one-minute mark, a tropical-tinged array of guitar fluttering and swooning backing vocal effects reveal themselves, firmly touting “Old Time Movies” as a […]

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  4. Glistening, jangly guitars and a husky vocal presence pave the way on “Powwow,” the first single from Go Hawaii’s forthcoming album. “In writing this, we wanted to recreate the experience of a blissful moment that leaves you with a taste of melancholy,” the band says. They successfully incorporate guitar jangles and wistful synths amidst the […]

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  5. “Cheapskate” is a fun, melodic track from Beligan act Pavlove, featuring a smooth dual-vocalist approach amidst the catchy guitar jangles and ethereal synth-pop interlude. The latter highlight — occurring around 02:50 — is particularly effective in showing the band’s eclectic aesthetic, with a swirling array of nocturnal synths accompanying serene vocals. Quickly thereafter, the vocals […]

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