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  1. The Canadian project Romance Recordz takes its name from the creator’s music collection. “I was casting around for a name for the project and I happened to have a bunch of CDs laying around in a pile: Sade’s Lovers Rock, Springsteen’s Tunnel of Love and Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love,” the elusive artist explains. “It […]

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  2. Saskatoon-based duo L’AFFAIRE authentically capture a wistful vein of ’80s-inspired synth-pop on new track “Afterlife”, which touts melodic wonder and effervescence in its amiable melody and smooth production, which is akin to Ice Choir’s synth-pop fondness. The two members, Ash Lamothe and Billy Tataryn, formed the project this past summer and are already churning out […]

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  3. Flowing with nocturnal, swelling synths and a lush vocal presentation, “Dreamers” is a strongly memorable new track from Ellis Redon, a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from San Antonio, Texas. The synths and steady rhythmic backbone mesh beautifully with Redon’s haunting vocals, with some excellent infusion of sax around the 02:30 mark — capturing a sort […]

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  4. Psych-pop duo Gibberish is no stranger to Obscure Sound, with their 2015 release Winter Coat being one of my favorite albums from that year. 2016 track “Rudedude” showed more soaring magic, resembling Panda Bear in the hypnotic vocal presence. Suffice to say, they’re an act I’m always excited to hear new tunes from, hence why […]

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  5. “You” is a memorable track from Field Trip to the Moon, the rock/pop project of London-based Angela Christofilou. It manages to impress mightily throughout its two-minute running time, with Christofilou’s melodically angst-ridden vocals alternating beautifully from the gritty verses and slickly melodic chorus. Stylistic comparisons include Love Is All and Metric, with the former lovably […]

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