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  1. The lead single off Sam Hoffman’s debut album Fairweather, “Glencrest Lane” is a consuming example of Hoffman’s strong songwriting and aesthetic, recalling ’60s and ’70s rock/pop while emphasizing a jangly feel. This particular track shows a nod to Teenage Fanclub and Olivia Tremor Control, specifically, serving as “an introspective look back on Hoffman’s formative years […]

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  2. The brief though wholly successful “ODE2K0IPT.2” is the latest track from PoetX, a recording artist, poet, and author born in Philadelphia, PA and raised in Newark, DE. Touting a spacey feel reminiscent of Shabazz Palaces, a murky and nocturnal beat takes hold in the first minute over the precise delivery. The 01:10 transition – “baby, […]

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  3. The bursting synth-pop intro on “Peripheral” seamlessly transitions to a lush, lounge-y relaxer — a mellow bass line, caressing piano, and butter-smooth duet vocals leading the way. The synth emerge again at around 01:30, though by now “Peripheral” has established itself as a mellow groover and a showcase of Trivial Shields’ melodic prowess. The seductive […]

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  4. Nashville-based artist Thad Kopec unveils an intimate, haunting sound on the engrossing new track “Mirror.” Acoustical trickles and a lush key progression accompany his mellow vocals to start, transitioning around 01:30 to a more buzzing sound with brooding expansion. Aesthetically, the track reminds of Sufjan Stevens, particularly his work on The Age of Adz. The […]

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  5. Henry Hall’s latest is a moving crooner featuring creaky acoustics and piano smatterings, reminiscent aesthetically of Grizzly Bear. From brisk hook-filled rockers like “Comfort Zone” to quainter more folk-inclined efforts like “Missing Out on Purpose”, Henry Hall has already proven to be capable of stirring, eclectic songwriting. The final one-third of “Missing Out on Purpose” […]

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