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  1. After impressing with the track “Switchblade” in May, Australian artist Huey Blue continues to showcase forthcoming album Friday Anxiety with the cut “The Chase”, released today. The track captures the artist’s effective combination of classic ‘70s pop/rock with pinches of folk, surf, jazz, dub and hip-hop. Its lyrics follow a relationship in turmoil. “The thrill of the chase” […]

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  2. “Fragment II” is a memorable new track from Drinker’s forthcoming debut LP Fragments, a release that shows an expanding sound with “cinematic and electronic dance elements.” The project, comprised of singer/songwriter Aaron Mendelsohn and producer/compser Ariel Loh, shows a chilly aesthetic on this track — the sort that Junior Boys and Thom Yorke are familiar […]

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  3. Fanclub are a trio from Austin, Texas, comprised of Leslie Crunkilton, Mike Lee, and Daniel Schmidt. The project channels Lee’s aesthetic leanings, particularly a fondness for catchy guitars, dance-y electro beats, and lush synths. Crunkilton’s entrancing, hazy vocals provide the perfect lead for this dream-pop aesthetic, which channels a sound very reminiscent of Japanese Breakfast. […]

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  4. Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Darryl Rahn penned “Everybody’s Dancin'” as a response to “hundreds of modern pop songs,” in addition to outlining “New York City nightlife through a slightly different lens.” Alongside the track’s melodic twang and power-pop charm, its lyrics enjoyably convey a more realistic take than the typical NYC rom-com. “Maybe I’ll meet somebody, the […]

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  5. The Talon by SANTIPARRO “All You Ever Wanted” is an adventurous track from Santiparro’s forthcoming album The Talon. The California-based artist’s previous album True Player showcased a psych-laden shimmer, the sound expanded further on this new release with the aid of Kansas City-based producer J. Ashley Miller. Citing influences like ’80s Peter Gabriel and ’70s […]

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