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  1. Otoboke Beaver unleashed their relentless punk energy over three albums and various singles and EPs. Last year, we premiered "anata watashi daita ato yome no meshi" 7″. Now, the Kyoto quartet are releasing their fourth full-length, Itekoma Hits.
  2. Beyoncé's been busy. Last week, she released Homecoming, a documentary, concert film, and live album showcasing her iconic 2018 Coachella performance. It's reportedly just the first of three Netflix specials on the way. And today, on the third anniversary of its release, her classic visual album Lemonade is finally available on streaming services that aren't
  3. In addition to being a musician, Claire Cronin is also a poet, and the economical phrasing of her songs makes that apparent, where just as much is said as is left unspoken at the edges. "Tourniquet," the first single from her new album Big Dread Moon, is a roiling storm cloud. Strings wrap around her…
  4. With the release of "Cotton & Cane," psych-folk duo Olden Yolk announced the release of a new album a few weeks back. Living Theatre -- named for an experimental thespian movement in New York -- is creeping up fast, so the band is back today with a second preview. "Distant Episode," which arrives with an…
  5. Cell come from Montreal, and they play a blown-out, feral form of hardcore. On record, they slather their sound in reverb, which gives them a mysterious, chaotic edge that reminds me of early-'80s Maryland greats Void. Last year, Cell released two enormously promising pieces of music: A four-song 7" EP called Rules Of The Game