Under The Radar

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  1. Mass Gothic have announced a new album, I've Tortured You Long Enough, and shared a video for a new song from it, "J.Z.O.K."
  2. The first Pacific Rim was an exhaustingly awesome movie that knew it was kind of dumb and didn’t care. Pacific Rim Uprising has little idea just how stupid it is.
  3. Paul McCartney has announced a new album, Egypt Station, and shared two songs from it, "I Don't Know" and "Come on to Me." Egypt Station is due out September 7 via Capitol. Check out both songs below. Above is the cover art.
  4. Jazz saxophonist Kamasi Washington is releasing a double album, Heaven and Earth, this Friday via Young Turks. Previously he shared its first two singles, "Fists of Fury" (a cover of the theme to the Bruce Lee film) and "The Space Travelers Lullaby" (they were our joint #1 Song of the Week), which was followed by a third single, "Street Fighter Mas" (which was also one of our Songs of the Week).
  5. On record, Orono Noguchi sounds so nonchalant that she almost seems bored of being in a band. In person, she's nothing like that. We're speaking in the middle of Superorganism's first European tour and a packed day for Orono, the band's lead singer, which has included a morning recording session, but she's still animated and engaging.