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  1. Words: Sam Geary 

    Brighton's indie punk outfit Harker dropped their newest single 'Dead Ends' back in May, but now are back with a visual treatment for the track.

    The video was put together by the band and Claire James as an homage to B-movie horror.

    ‘We’re all influenced by horror films," says vocalist and guitarist Mark Boniface, "something I’ve always wanted to be involved in since I was a teenager. This video we tried to encapsulate everything we love about them. Stretching to areas of spooky, gore, quirky, B-movie and downright entertaining."

    With a busy start to the year which has seen the band tour Japan, play a string of shows as main support for Mercy Union (ex-Gaslight Anthem) and appear at festivals such as Call of the Wild Festival and Booze Cruise Festival, Harker are poised to return to mainland Europe this September. See dates below.

    Live dates

    10 At the Edge of the Sea, Brighton w/ The Wedding Present

    05 Grenswerk, Venlo NL*
    05 Groene Engel, Oss NL*
    07 Monster Records, Hannover DE
    08 Metropool, Hengelo NL*
    09 Music City, Antwerp NL
    11 Paard, Den Haag NL*
    12 De Markthallen, Herk De Stad BE*
    13 Popmonument, Bergen Op Zoom NL*
    14 De Singer, Rijkevorsel BE*

    * w/ Magnapop

  2. Credit: Tanya Voltchanskaya

    Words: Ellie Ward 

    Upgraded from Little Indie's weekly collection of best new tracks bubbling up from Australia and New Zealand, as half way through listening to the quality of Vorsen's voice on new single 'Say All The Right Things', so hard to resist, that it needed singling out.

    Released last Friday (July 19), Perth-based singer/songwriter Oliver Halvorsen with his titular band, weaves a lush, atmospheric landscape around three and a half minutes of intricate structures with an irresistible soulful vocal execution that is just heaven to the ears.

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  3. Words: Sam Geary 

    Melbourne-via-Hobart, Tasmania's The Sunday League dropped this first single ‘Rock n’Roll’ from their forthcoming second album, 'Make It What You Want' (the follow up to their self-titled 2017 debut).

    Compared to early R.E.M, The Sunday League have a way with creating poignant melodies and reflective lyrics, and here on the mid-tempo ‘Rock n’Roll', written by bassist Ian Stolp, there's an easy rolling 80s feel wrapped in a fuzzy, jangly guitar-driven coat of nostalgia.

    Listen here.

  4. Words: Amelia Callister

    Los Angeles outfit Trapdoor Social have apparently been around for a few years now, though truth be told I had never heard of them until this latest, 'The Lie'.

    From checking they seem to have arrived with an EP, 'Death Of A Friend', back in 2012, a whacking 14-track debut album four years later, and more recently a few singles, 'The Move', 'The Truth'. There has no doubt been a lot more in between the gaps, but this isn't a discography. They seem to have also gone from a duo to a five-piece in this time, although their latest image - see above - shows only three of them. And despite there being over a thousand pictures on their Facebook, this still feels like a band hard to get a grip on.

    Apparently, says the accompanying press blurb, they are an environmental activist musical collective "who have a record of fundraising and activism supporting sustainability, producing outdoor solar-powered concerts around the US", with their "own brand of earnest, hot-blooded, independent alternative rock". Who knew? No, me, neither.

    Skylar Funk (that's what it says), their vocalist/guitarist, writes on their Facebook page that 'The Lie' is "a bit of a curveball because we love to put out positive messages but sometimes life is a little more complicated. This song plays with that emotional complexity. It is a story of conflict, punctuated by a sweet repetition of the phrase 'this is gonna be alright'...but over time I realised the context I'd written around it reveals the phrase to be an empty mantra, something you just tell yourself because you don't know what else to do. It's a well-intentioned lie."

    Trapdoor Social feel and sound very American, a kind of musical equivalent of Gwynnie Paltrow, which is perhaps why they aren't by now household names in the UK. But that said, 'The Lie' is a rather punchy little blighter, that contains some nice touches that travel away from "hot-blooded, alternative rock", and veer into melodic, arena-sized anthemic, radio-friendly proportions, and isn't at all hard to digest.

    Give it a whirl. They might just be your new favourite band - even if you're in Lytham St Annes or Lyme Regis.

  5. Words: Sam Geary 

    Manchester four-piece Corella return with a new jangly summer hit, 'Dice'.

    Following their Bloom'[ing] May release, they have blossomed beautifully for their roll with 'Dice', out today (July 19). Building on guitarist Joel Smith's vocal and accompanying guitars and steady beats, it is filled with catchy hooks and a rhythm to get you on your feet.

    Try it now.

    Live dates

    20 Sheffield Tramlines Fringe
    25-28 Y Not Festival

    15 London The Lock Tavern
    16 Manchester Dead Institute