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  1. “Caught a Feeling” shows the strongly melodic songwriting of T. Soomian, a Los Angeles-based artist whose sound generates blissful psych-pop sentiments and hypnotic rock twilight. The track’s “take you on a magic trip,” hook features glistening keys and a gently buzzing synth, a delightful accompaniment to Soomian’s soaring vocals. The vocal ooh-ing, mellow bass drive, […]

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  2. “For All I Know” is a track played, recorded, and mixed by Hugo Cottu in his bedroom. Certainly a bedroom project by definition, though “For All I Know” packs an atmospheric punch that rivals major studio efforts. Hugo’s tranquil vocals — tonally reminiscent of Mac Demarco — accompany a nocturnal synth whir and placid percussion. […]

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  3. Ellen Warkentine’s ongoing Nonsense Mouth project has treated us with visual and audible splendor, with the four tracks so far offering videos with striking visuals and resonating themes. The music itself is rich and expansive, often incorporating orchestral elements into the melodic and stylistically creative fold. “Ghost” is more of this brilliance, a brass-led enigma […]

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  4. “1965” is a consuming track released today from Johnnie Beamon, a hip-hop artist from Las Vegas. The track strives to take the listener “into the mind of a young black man that believes he is about to lose his life at the hands of a police officer.” The murky beat accompanies lyrics that reflect a […]

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  5. Anaheim-based singer/songwriter Solomon Sprenger impresses on the track “Peace,” where his mellow vocals and thickly stirring guitars mesh with twinkling keys for a dazed, blissed-out feel. The guitars rise emotively as the one-minute mark approaches, before arriving back to the verses, which almost tout a Kinks-like lazy-day charm. The track’s final minute or so stretches […]

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