Under The Radar

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  1. Welsh singer/songwriter/guitarist Cate Le Bon has released a new album, Reward, today via Mexican Summer and it's our Album of the Week. Find more info on the album here, as well as on a strong runner-up that was almost our Album of the Week, Hayden Thorpe's Diviner. Plus there are streams of other notable albums released today.
  2. Co-written by star Sam Fox and director Ace Thor, the new horror short film Wowzers is making the rounds at film festivals and being pitched as the first part of an anthology series. 
  3. Black Mountain have released a new album, Destroyer, today via Jagjaguwar. Now they have shared a music video for the album's "Licensed to Drive" that is inspired by 1970s and 1980s video games (with perhaps a nod to Mad Max Fury Road as well). Also, now that the album is out, you can stream the whole thing here too. 
  4. The National released a new album, I Am Easy to Find, last Friday via 4AD. It was our Album of the Week and you can stream it here. Last night The Late Show with Stephen Colbert aired a performance from The National where they did the album's "Rylan." Now hold on, weren't the band just on the show just last week to perform "You Had Your Soul With You" and now they've already returned?
  5. Flying Lotus (aka Steven Ellison) has released a new album, Flamagra, today via Warp. Now that the album is out, you can stream the whole thing here. Also, today we posted our review of Flamagra.